Yellow Box Repainting

This RA (Jan 16), BGVRA, and more recently individual residents have been asking for the yellow box junction at Brunton Interchange to be repainted so that we can exit the estate in a safe and timely fashion. There is more traffic generally coming off the A1 because of road works elsewhere, and of course from here as house building continues apace.
In response to these requests, David Abercrombie, Project Director and developers agent for the Management Companies has asked us to find out from residents if they want the junction repainting and also if they are willing to pay for the work through their service charges.
Before you decide, you need to know that the road in question is owned by the developers. When it was first built, although the plans did not contain a box junction, Highways England said there ought to be one on safety grounds. It is unclear who actually did the painting, we are told it wasn't the developers although they gave permission.
The road is subject to a section 38 agreement with Newcastle City Council, a legal agreement that it will be put up for adoption. It is up to the developers when they start the adoption process. Whilst the road is unadopted, the council is not responsible for its maintenance, and we are told that the Management Company has been paying for this. Since the service charge is to pay for the maintenance of areas of the estate which are never going to be adopted, you have to ask why residents have been charged for anything to do with it.
You are being asked by David Abercrombie if you agree to paying for the repainting as a repair through the service charge. So far the developers refuse to pay for it, stating they do not believe it is necessary.  Since it is the developers land, it is not up to the council or Highways England to pay for it.
Please vote here:
*UPDATE* Since this poll was set up, and thanks to all who have voted, we have been told that the repairs will NOT be charged to the Management Company, but that the developers are seeking to get Highways England to pay as they did first time round. When you look at it closely, charging the residents through the Management Company is an admission of the landowners responsibility for the repair, and also has drawn attention to issue of residents being already charged for maintenance of this road, even though it is to be adopted ultimately.