Report It

If we don't let the authorities know we have an issue, they cannot act to rectify it, so here are some links and numbers you can use.  Our ward councillor, Anita Lower would like to be copied in to any reports made to council departments in particular and the police have asked for as much information as possible about speeding and illegal parking incidents so that at least they can plan effective monitoring. 

Misuse of the Open Space

Residents and the consortium are concerned about motor vehicles using the footpath between Middle Brunton (just west of Hawthorne Grange) and Greenside. Evidence from witnesses is needed to justify the installation of bollards, so please report with as much detail as possible to Envirocall (or phone 0191 2787878) and the NGP project office.  Any other example of misuse elsewhere on the park can be reported in the same way. If there is no evidence of a problem, there will be no preventive measures.

Speeding and Illegal Parking

The police want as much information as possible and ask us to report incidents by phone on 101, or if a crime is in progress 999.  Minor or past incidents will be used to plan future monitoring activities.  If you prefer to email please use this address:

You can also report motor vehicles on footpaths in the same way.


The council are prepared to do enforcement if excessive dust is raised by the earthworks.  The contractors are supposed to monitor dust and use water to suppress it.  Report excessive dust to Environmental Health on 0191 211 6102, and email Cllr Lower in addition at


Use this link to report noise nuisance:

Dog Fouling

Enforcement work has started on the Great Park and so far two irresponsible dog owners have been caught. Use this link to report:-

0191 211 6102