Water Main and March Drop in Session

A couple of items for your information from the Project Management Office - Text copied from their own web site below:
Water Main Work
Northumbria Water’s contractors will be working at weekends to install a new water main and unfortunately the work can not be undertaken during the week. This will involve work on Saturday afternoon and Sunday but be restricted to a short section of the connection between Cell E and D adjacent to the Waggonway. The work is also limited to plastic welding so it is not expected to cause inconvenience residents. If you require further information please contact the project office via the website.
March Drop In Session
The March drop in will take place on Thursday 15 March 2018 and as usual it will be held at the Community Centre. We have decided to reduce the hours based on the attendance at previous drop is sessions, so staff will only be available from 3 until 7pm. We look forward to seeing any residents or businesses to discuss issues you have.
*Note* We had been informed previously no drop in sessions were planned and can only assume this event is a response to the press interest in delays over the Town Centre....