GPNA on the Up!

A very positive and productive committee meeting has resulted in the election of officers and a plan to move forward.
The full minutes will be published soon - a brief summary of the plans agreed includes:

Snagging List May 14th

The consortium have published the updated snagging list on May 14th as promised to the Great Park Action Group (GPAG).
Although it is on their web site, the document has the wrong orientation and the print is very small.
To help those who want to read it and check off issues or comment, we have rotated the pages and publish it here. You will still probably need to use a big screen to make it out!

GPNA Update on the current position

It is important that both residents and other parties understand the current position of GPNA, especially in view of the Great Park Action Group activities, AND GPNA isn't up and running  because its committee has yet to meet and sort out who does what.  There are interim measures in place and we hope to meet very soon.
You can read our opening meeting minutes here.

Ward Open Meeting 20th March

We now have more detail on the open meeting scheduled for 6.00pm 20th March at Brunton First School. This is what we have been sent:
The Castle Ward Annual Meeting (themed on the Great Park) is on Tuesday 20th March 18, 6pm at Brunton First School, Roseden Way, NE13 9BD.
There will be updates on:
Community Safety

Changes to NGP Management

In case you hadn't heard, David Abercrombie has left his role as the sole Great Park Project Director and agent for the Management Companies. He has a new role with Taylor Wimpey still related to managing delivery of the Great Park infrastructure.  Day to day running of the Management Companies is now with Susan Cargill.
The existing officers of BGVRA and EMVRA have met with David Abercrombie and Susan Cargill who have explained some of the changes in how the GP management companies will be staffed and how this will impact on residents.

Mud and Speeding

We have been asked to pass on to you the contents of this email from David Abercrombie, NGP Project Director.
"Basically, the construction in Cell D is resulting in mud on the road and parking problems whilst there are still ongoing issues in terms of traffic passing the school on Roseden Way. I met the Construction directors this morning and have agreed the following actions.
Both companies have written today to all sub contractors and suppliers with a plan of the construction routes and operating hours;