Local Information

Our best contact for help with local issues is:
Victoria Parkin - Communities Facilitator - Newcastle City Council
Telephone: 0191 277 7523, extension 27523
E Mail - Victoria.Parkin@newcastle.gov.uk

Below is a list of resources you can browse for more local information:

The centre is run by the community for the community by the Great Park Community Centre Association.  Any adult living on the Great Park may be a member for a stake of £1. They may then vote at meetings and/or become a trustee.  The trustees are all residents who give their time for free.  They have employed a management company (Kajima) for the day to day running of the centre.  Contact the trustees about strategic issues at gpccassociation@gmail.com or the management team for day to day things at Julie.Moorhouse@kajima.co.uk  

Check what's on at http://www.gpcc.communitybookings.co.uk/whats-on


If you want to report any misuse of the green space, or raise any queries about its management please use this link.  http://www.newcastlegreatpark.com/contact-3/
Any feedback on their new web site including suggestions for useful information please use the same form.

You can use this email for non urgent matters: newcastlenorth.npt@northumbria.pnn.police.uk

There are two other residents' associations to date.
Melbury and Warkworth Woods have their own site.
Greenside have a closed Facebook page and more recently a web site.

If your house faces the A1 and you are having problems with noise, you might find this useful.  You should have acoustic glazing and special plasterboard to the roof area to dimish noise in the house. Read the planning document here.

This forum about the Great Park on Skyscraper City has some really interesting stuff, historical and current.
"As one of the largest residential building projects in the North East, if not the UK, Great Park is being discussed on the SkyscraperCity forum ("the world's biggest community on skyscrapers and everything in between!").  Andy MacLellan, who lives in Great Park, has been contributing photographs documenting the build progress of this historic project.  If anyone would like to help by providing some photos of East Moor Village 'under construction' then please contact Andy at maclellan100@gmail.com - you will be fully credited on all photos used."

These need to be reported to the developer responsible for your section of the estate until the council adopts the highways. Contact details are for Persimmon: www.persimmonhomes.com/north-east/contact-customer-care and for Taylor Wimpey : northeastcustomerservices@taylorwimpey.com .

The developers who own the land we live on until it has been adopted, have given permission for the council to enforce penalties for dog fouling.  You can report any incidents here: http://www.newcastle.gov.uk/environment/street-care-and-cleaning/dog-fouling?opendocument
You might like to join the Facebook page started by Ruth Hewitt from the Ark in the Park.

You can report excessively noisy aircraft to Newcastle Airport via email at noise@newcastleinternational.co.uk or phone them on  0871 882 1121 giving the time and date of the incident.