Welcome to our web site, temporary home for GPNA. There is a new dedicated site in development




What is GPNA?  - it stands for Great Park Neighbourhood Association and has grown out previous smaller residents groups. It is envisioned that it will be for all Great Park residents, and may be expanded at a later date to include businesses too. A large strong and united voice for people who live here.

A number of residents met on 1st November, chose the name and agreed the idea in principle. It was felt there were still many residents who were unaware of what was happening, so more publicity is planned before our next event in early 2018. A volunteer group is working on raising our profile and will respond also to any urgent issues or concerns which residents may have. If you visit the contact us page and select Raise and Issue for the Committee from the drop down box, your message will get to the right place.


Agenda for the meeting is below, please read in conjunction with the constitution. We propose to use this as a template, simply changing the name and the area of benefit to match the new RA.

Historical Background:

East Moor Village is a small development forming the eastern part of the main Newcastle Great Park project.  It comprises 82 homes, close to Brunton First School, the Day Nursery and the Community Centre.  The houses were completed in 2011, work on the second school extension is underway. Building of the rest of Cell F is now under way and plans are approved for the town centre.  Cell F will be much larger than East Moor Village and will complete this section of the Great Park.

We formed a Residents Association in  September 2013 so that we can work (and play) together.  Anyone over the age of 18 who lives here is automatically a member and we would love to hear from you.  Our aim is to build a friendly community and ensure that East Moor Village is a safe, pleasant and fun place to live.

You no longer need to be a Residents' Association member to join the site, but will need to explain your interest, for example living in the wider Great Park area.

The Residents Association has become a member of Newcastle CVS who have given us help over writing our constitution and provide training for voluntary groups.  See our equality and diversity policy here.


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